Arabic Top 10 Songs [1-15 March 2018] SongsRanking
Latest Arabic Songs Top Arabian Songs of Week March 2018 list
#1 Saad Lamjarred – Ghazali, #2 Hamza Namira – Dari Ya Alby, #3 Zouhair Bahaoui – Désolé, #4 TiiwTiiw ft. Cravata – Maria , #5 Noor Alzien – Aker 3laqate, #6 Fahed Nore – Hna Hna, #7 Saif Nabeel – Meen Atgheeb, #8 Nassif Zeytoun – Mannou Sharet, #9 Faia Younan – Hob Al Aqwiaa, #10 Wafeek Habib – Dahab.


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Saad Lamjarred – Ghazali


Saad Lamjarred

Hamza Namira - Dari Ya Alby

Dari Ya Alby

Hamza Namira

Zouhair Bahaoui – Désolé


Zouhair Bahaoui



TiiwTiiw ft. Cravata

Noor Alzien Aker 3laqate

Aker 3laqate

Noor Alzien

Fahed Nore - Hna Hna

Hna Hna

Fahed Nore

Saif Nabeel Meen Atgheeb

Meen Atgheeb

Saif Nabeel

Nassif Zeytoun – Mannou Sharet

Mannou Sharet

Nassif Zeytoun

Faia Younan - Hob Al Aqwiaa

Hob Al Aqwiaa

Faia Younan

Wafeek Habib Dahab


Wafeek Habib

Top Arabic Songs of Week February 2018 and March 2018

Rank 1-15 February 2018 15-28 February 2018 1-15 March 2018
#1 Mannou Sharet Dari Ya Alby Ghazali
#2 Roll With It Maria Dari Ya Alby
#3 La Beauté Désolé Désolé
#4 Dari Ya Alby Bent Lhouma Maria
#5 Maria Mannou Sharet Aker 3laqate
#6 Aam Bekbar Aam Bekbar Hna Hna
#7 Mo Mal Ahd La Beauté Meen Atgheeb
#8 Bent Lhouma Ya Dnya Ahna Mannou Sharet
#9 Désolé Heya Hob Al Aqwiaa
#10 I Love You Roll With It Dahab

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Details of Arabic Top 10 Songs of this week.

Saad Lamjarred – Ghazali

Released on 9 Mar 2018

Hamza Namira – Dari Ya Alby

Released on 9 Feb 2018
Lyrics by: Mahmoud Farouk
Composed by: Hamza Namira

Zouhair Bahaoui – Désolé

Released on 14 Feb 2018
Melody by : zouhairbahaoui
Lyrics by : zouhairbahaoui & mourad eljanaji

TiiwTiiw ft. Cravata – Maria

Released on 16 Feb 2018
Directed by Hassan Elkourfti
Beat by Zak Cosmos
Montage/Post Production by Touns tounsi & TiiwTiiw

Noor Alzien – Aker 3laqate

Released on 18 Feb 2018
Label: Music Alremas
Direct Director: Raafat Al-Bader
Network Network Administrator: Omar Muhajer
This Video was shot in Istanbul, Turkey by AL Rimas Production team and crew

Fahed Nore – Hna Hna

Released on 21 Feb 2018

Saif Nabeel – Meen Atgheeb

Released on 1 Mar 2018
Lab Label: Music Alremas
Direct Director: Raafat Al-Bader
Network Network Administrator: Omar Muhajer

Nassif Zeytoun – Mannou Sharet

Released on 25 Jan 2018
Directed By: Richa Sarkis
Composed By: Yusuf Hayal Oglu
Lyrics By: Ali Al Mawla

Faia Younan – Hob Al Aqwiaa

Released on 22 Feb 2018
Lyrics by: Mahdi Mansour
Composed by: Yarub Smarait
Arranged by: Rayan Al Habre
Music Producer: Houssam Abdul Khalek
Distribution: Ryan Al Habr
حبُّ الأقوياء

لماذا تحاولُ في الحب قتلي
لماذا تخاف شموخ النساء
وتعرفُ أنّ قلبي عزيزٌ
ولم أتعوّد على الانحناء

أنا ما لجأتُ لعينيكَ خوفا
أنا بنتُ خيرِ الترابِ وشمسِ السماء
فإن كنتَ تحسبُ عشقيَ ضُعفا
وتجهلُ معنى الوفاء
فإني لعزّةِ نفسيَ أوفى
ولا حبَّ عندي بلا كبرياء

أراكَ غريقاً بلا ضفّتين
تخشى البقاءَ وتخشى الرحيلا
معاً لن نكونَ سوى جانحين
فكنْ مرّةً رجلاً مستحيلا

أحبكَ لكنَّ قلبي عزيزٌ
ولم أتعوّد على الانحناء
تعلّمْ معي أنْ تكونَ قوياً
فقد خُلِقَ الحبُّ للأقوياء


Lyrics translation

Why do you try to kill me in the name of love
Why do you fear a woman’s pride
Even though you know that my heart is dear to me
And I’m not used to kneeling

I did not run to you out of worry
I am the daughter of the soil and sun
So if you see all my love as weakness
and mistake my loyalty
I’m more loyal to my dignity
and for me there’s no love without pride

I see you drowning between two shores
you are afraid of staying, and afraid of leaving
Together we can’t be but two wings
Be for once the impossible man

I love you but my heart is dear to me
and I am not used to bowing down
Learn with me to be strong
For love was made for the strong

Wafeek Habib – Dahab

Released on 18 Feb 2018
Star Singer: Hadi Aswad, Osama Nemeh, Ahmad Hatoum
Accomplished Arab Actor: Kosai Khalli, Adham Murcheds Director: Moayad Al Atrash
Directed By Salim Samouh

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