Arabic Top Songs 16-31 October 2017



Allah Shahid

Tamer Hosny & The Voice Kids


Ma fik

Nancy Nasrallah



Hussain Al Jassmi



Saad Lamjarred



Sky ft. Mister You & Blanka



Shamma Hamdan


Sefer Nafsite

Hoosam Jneed


Hakeer Alshouq






Girhi Ma Shefi

Saber Rebai

More Details of Arabic Top Songs of this week

#1 Allah Shahid -Tamer Hosny team The Voice Kids الله شاهد – غناء فريق تامر حسني
#2 Nancy Nasrallah – Ma fik (Official Music Video 2017) / نانسي نصرلله – ما فيك Nancy Nasrallah is a Lebanese pop singer
this songs is Director by Karam Karam Lyrics written Riad El Ali
Composer: Ayman Koumayha Music Arrangement: AB Brothers Studio Choreography: Charles Makriss Dance Ministry
#3 Hussain Al Jassmi Rasmnalek حسين الجسمي – رسمنالك (حصرياً)
Composer: Amr Mostafa
Trials and Orchestra: Nader Hamdy
Distribution: Amin Nabil and Ahmed Al-Moji
Directed by: Mohamed Shaaban
lyric:Tamer Hussein.
This Rasmnalek song is launched on the occasion of victory of October 6 by the Egyptian army, during the 1973 war against Israel.
I am one of millions. Think about Leigh Jay Leakey
Habiba, all of my allies are building and building my land
Your image is a picture in our hearts that will remain a part of paradise
And the revolution of Egypt, Hichovi, which we say
And save you with our ideas and the ball they say we have developed
Mavish is a difficult need and we arrive afraid of it
Because your dream shows the light .. Tbtna him and we watched him

The message and dream of Gil Jara and Jill Kassad all boast
In your land is a good and good life, and your soul is a divine mystery
We have done Yadoob in the last few months of Jah
#4 Saad Lamjarred – LET GO – سعد لمجرد
Composed & Written by: Saad Lamjarred
Music Produced by: Jalal El Hamdaoui
Directed by: Alexandre Da Silva
Digital Distribution: Qanawat
The song tells us a story about a young man, who decides to express himself throughout these words. He faced, disappointment, lies, pain, he was left behind by the woman he once loved, cared about and dedicated everything to. Deciding now to let go by closing this chapter and opening a new one, for a new beginning in his life. Saad Lamjarred is a Moroccan Arab pop singer
#5 Sky ft Mister You & Blanka – Raptor #DREAMTIIW2K17
Directed By Izi Noise, Bilal Ettaib & Touns Tounsi
Beat By Zak Cosmos & TiiwTiiw
Montage By Izi Noise
#6 Temataa Shamma Hamdan-شمه حمدان – تمتّع حصرياً
#7 حسام جنيد – صفر نفسيتي 2017 Hoosam Jneed – Sefer Nafsite
Lyrics – Riyad Al Ali
Composer and Distribution: Mohamed Issa
Mix and Master: Abdel Halim Hassan
#8 Belqees – Hawkir Al Shawq (بلقيس – حقير الشوق) Keywords: Fahd Jamal Composer: Fayez Al Saeed Distribution: Zaid Adel
Album: Arahenkom 2017
Artist: Balqees Fathi (Balqees Ahmed Fathi ; بلقيس أحمد فتحي)
The whole song is talking about “longing” and “yearning” as if it’s a person with no heart.
#9 ياسمينا العلواني – حناله | Yasmina – Hanalo
Lyrics of Walid Al – Adawi
Composer / Kamel El Gendy
Distribution / Hisham El Banna
Mix and Master / M: Khaled Raouf
#10 Saber Rebai – Girhi Ma Shefi / صابر الرباعي – جرحي ما شفي
Directed By: Waleed Nassif
Composed By: Fadel Suliman
Lyrics By: Mazen Daher
Arranged By: Omar Sabbagh
Saber al Ruba’i; is a Tunisian Arab singer and composer.

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