Korean Top 10 Songs 15-31 January 2018 SongsRanking

Korean Top 10 Songs 15-31 January 2018 SongsRanking
Latest Korean Songs Top Korean Songs of Week January 2018 list
#1 Heart Shaker-Twice, #2 Universe-Exo, #3 Bboom Bboom-Momoland, #4 Heroine-SUNMI, #5 Grrr-Stray Kids, #6 Paint Me-Mamamoo, #7 Tell Me-INFINITE, #8 I’m all ears-TAEYEON, #9 JIMIN (AOA), #10 Roller Coaster-CHUNG HA.


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Latest List of Top 10 Korean Songs



Heart Shaker






Bboom Bboom


Sunmi Heroine



Stray Kids Grrr


Stray Kids


Paint Me


infinite tell me

Tell Me


TAEYEON I m all ears

I’m all ears


JIMIN AOA SongsRanking



CHUNG HA Roller Coaster

Roller Coaster


Top Korean Songs of Week January 2018 and December 2017

Rank 15-31 December 2017 1-15 January 2018 15-31 January 2018
#1 Heart Shaker Heart Shaker Heart Shaker
#2 BTS MIC Drop BTS MIC Drop Universe
#3 LIKEY LIKEY Bboom Bboom
#4 Peek-A-Boo Peek-A-Boo Heroine
#5 Boy Universe Grrr
#6 Merry and Happy lip & Hip Paint Me
#7 Black Suit Dear My Family Tell Me
#8 lip & Hip BBoom BBoom I’m all ears
#9 This Christmas Paint Me JIMIN
#10 Lets Get It Boy Roller Coaster

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Details of Korean Top 10 Songs of this week.

Heart Shaker-Twice

Released on 11 Dec 2017
TWICE(트와이스) “Heart Shaker” M/V
“Heart Shaker” is a song by South Korean girl group Twice


Released on 26 Dec 2017
“Universe” is the 6th EP and 4th “winter special” album by Korean – Chinese boy group.

Bboom Bboom-Momoland

Released on 3 Jan 2018
The title track ‘BBoom BBoom’, meaning ‘giving off charms’, describes an interesting story ‘to show off my charm so that the person I have a crush on likes me.’


Released on 18 Jan 2018
theme of ‘Heroine’ is ‘a flower locked in ice’, describing the earlier story of ‘Gashina’ in which the woman had to accept the sad breakup by saying ‘Why do you leave behind pretty me?’ to herself. This track delicately describes the woman’s frozen heart with SUNMI’s sensibility, who gets hurt by the lopsided relationship with the person she loves but tries to understand the person.

Grrr-Stray Kids

Released on 7 Jan 2018
is a South Korean boy group formed by JYP Entertainment through the 2017. composed of nine members: Bang Chan, Woojin, Lee Know, Changbin, Hyunjin, Han, Felix, Seungmin and I.N.

Paint Me-Mamamoo

Released on 4 Jan 2018
song ‘Paint Me’ has the picturesque lyrics that compared the excitement and warmth of love, the pain of cold breakups and the emotions that get hotter with four colors of white, blue and red.


Released on 8 Jan 2018
INFINITE) is a South Korean boy band formed in 2010 by Woollim Entertainment. The group is composed of six members: Sungkyu, Dongwoo, Woohyun, Sungyeol, L, and Sungjong.

I’m all ears-TAEYEON

Released on 12 Jan 2018
TAEYEON 태연 ‘겨울나무 (I’m all ears)’ Special Video ℗ S.M.Entertainment


Released on 19 Jan 2018
JIMIN, who has made various kinds of music as a solo artist, gives off her powerful energy with her self-written song ‘Hey’.
The second track ‘Hey’ of JIMIN’s collaboration project ‘#RTJ (Ready To Jimin)’ is a pop number with a touch of hip hop. The simple and strong lead sound throughout the song is impressive. JIMIN, who wrote the lyrics and composed ‘Hey’, made a catchy rap hook with ‘Hey’s and an addictive melody as a ‘Hey fairy’.

Roller Coaster-CHUNG HA

Released on 17 Jan 2018
It is the first female solo song produced since the formation of Black Eyed.
The title track ‘Roller Coaster’, produced by Black Eyed Peas, is a song that combines the vibes of the ’90s and the two-step rhythm, reinterpreted in a modern sense. From the introverted intro to the charming ad-lib section of Cheongha, it will be a thrill to the listeners.

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